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Underwriting Policy

Underwriting is support for current programs at KOJB. Financial support does not in any way imply that sponsors may influence program content or programming decisions. You have 30 seconds to give listeners the essentials and tell them what is important about your business; your underwriting announcements are written to suit your specific marketing needs. 

KOJB will also make sure that the underwriting announcement complies with FCC regulations that apply to non-commercial airwaves. KOJB has created guidelines to ensure compliance with FCC guidelines, to stay consistent with the KOJB mission and to adhere to the non-commercial educational license.

The following is a brief description of what can and cannot be used:
Legal or trade name must be stated to identify the underwriter.

Any or all of the following may be used in acknowledgement copy:

The following is a brief description of what cannot be used:

In addition, all pre-produced announcements, voicing by the underwriter, jingles, and music and/or sound effects are not to be used. KOJB announcers will do voicing and KOJB must reserve final approval on copy.

KOJB Policy on Political Candidates

KOJB does not accept sponsorship from candidates for political office, campaign committees, or from organizations whose names by themselves might raise a political, controversial, or divisive issue. 

Generally, an individual is considered to be a candidate for public office when that individual forms a campaign committee and/or begins campaign fundraising. KOJB realizes that tribal, county, local, and school district candidates, while not exempt from this policy, may be more difficult to detect. 

KOJB discourages the use of morning show announcements for recognition (e.g., congratulations, thank you) of individuals who may be candidates for office. Prior to general elections and statewide primaries, we will give particular scrutiny to new message requests to avoid any underwriting and/or day sponsorships which may be perceived as political endorsements. 

Preexisting underwriting and day sponsor relationships and messages will be honored; unless otherwise not conforming to policies, in such case, will be resumed after the election.

Why such restrictions?

The goal of these limitations is to protect the non-commercial format that is mandated by our FCC license and appreciated by non-commercial listeners. Thus, the integrity of our relationship we build with KOJB listeners, members, and the community is maintained. KOJB limits the number of underwriting and paid public service announcements to a maximum of eight times in one broadcast day and twice within one program. We are a non-commercial radio station supported by listener members. KOJB does not accept political underwriting advocating any specific candidate or political party.

All underwriting copy, including corporate slogans, is subject to the approval of the Station Manager of KOJB. Underwriting on KOJB does not reflect in any way that sponsors may influence program content or programming decisions.