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Traditional Ojibwe Plants, Herbs and Teas 2

Host: Shontel Michaud

Body Balance

Healing from the inside a proactive approach to wellbeing.


Plants that aid in the healing of Fibromyalgia.

Heart Disease

Symptoms and herbal remedies to aid against Heart Disease.

Berries, Part 1

Shontel tell us the benefits of berries.

Artium & Traditional Plants

Shontel tells us how to make an atrium for our house plants.

Healing Birch Tree

Shontel tells us the medicinal uses of the Birch tree.

Charms Plants

Charms plants and their medicinal properties.

Physical Balance

Shontel talks about maintaining physical balance by using traditional plants and herbs.

Diabetes Plants

Shontel tells us about plants that aid in treating Diabetes.

Ojibwe Garden 1: Traditional Garden

Shontel tells us about traditional Ojibwe gardens.

Berries, Part 2

More on the healing qualities of berries.

Eagle Family Traditions


Ojibwe Garden 2

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Ojibwe Flower Garden

Ojibwe Herbal Garden

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Supported by funds from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.