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KOJB Policy on Political Candidates

KOJB does not accept sponsorship from candidates for political office, campaign committees, or from organizations whose names by themselves might raise a political, controversial, or divisive issue. 

Generally, an individual is considered to be a candidate for public office when that individual forms a campaign committee and/or begins campaign fundraising. KOJB realizes that tribal, county, local, and school district candidates, while not exempt from this policy, may be more difficult to detect. 

KOJB discourages the use of morning show announcements for recognition (e.g., congratulations, thank you) of individuals who may be candidates for office. Prior to general elections and statewide primaries, we will give particular scrutiny to new message requests to avoid any underwriting and/or day sponsorships which may be perceived as political endorsements. 

Preexisting underwriting and day sponsor relationships and messages will be honored; unless otherwise not conforming to policies, in such case, will be resumed after the election.

Underwriting Policy

Click on Underwriting Policy to link to our Underwriter Policy Page

underwriting policy

Employee Policy

KOJB follows the General Administration Personnel Policies (GAPP) set forth by the Leech Lake Tribal Council and the Human Resources Division. If you would like to review the GAPP please contact the Human Resources Division.