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The Oshkaabewisag: The Messengers

The Oshkaabewisag: The Messengers radio show vividly brings to life, the epic story of the people and the landscape of the Leech lake Reservation. Some of the topics include visiting local communities and hearing the voice of both Elder and Youth telling us what they have seen in the past and share their dreams for the future of their community. Topics are educational to the lives of the people. Hosts: Shirley Nordrum and Nicole Buckanaga.



flute Teachings

Interview with Animiki about his story, experience, and teachings of the Flute.

Battle of Sugar Point

Interview with Giiwedin and his Grandfather George White's memories of the battle.

Give Bees A Chance

Interview with Simone Senegoles about bees and bee keeping.

Humor is Medicine I

Interview with Jon Roberts.

Indian Education and Johnson O'Malley Program (JOM)

A continued discussion about Indian Education and Policy.

Leech Lake Tribal College with Larry Aitken

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