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Host: Elaine Fleming

The History of Leech Lake is a 10 minute program designed to educate listeners about the History of Leech Lake Reservation. This program provides a historical prospective to American Indian life and how it relates today. This history also gives more knowledge and awareness of the way history affects people's lives. History of Leech Lake gives insight into the culture and history of a people that is not often told. This program will help listeners discover things about Leech Lake that they did not know and may discover a history not described in any textbook.


Cass Lake Bena School District - Racism and Walkout, Shirley LaDuke

Shirley LaDuke was the Indian Education Director when Cass Lake students walked out of their school.

Cass Lake Bena School District - Racism and Walkout, Shirley LaDuke II

The hunting and fishing rights of the Leech Lake Nation were another issue that caused great controversy on the reservation especially when A.I.M. came to town.

Rose Robinson and the Bugonaygeshig School I

Rose Robinson was born in 1946. She began college at Bemidji State University in 1971 as a first generation college student. At that time she had 3 children.

Rose Robinson and the Bugonaygeshig School II

Rose Robinson’s goal in attending college was to be an Indian teacher in her own community. Host: Elaine Fleming

Rose Robinson and Social Services Work

Rose Robinson worked as a teacher for the Bugonaygeshig school for 5 years after graduating from college. During that time she began to wonder if she was working in the wrong area.

Rose Robinson and ICWA Work

Jim Jones and the Relocation Program

Jim Jones and Indian Upward Bound.

Jim Jones and NAGPRA

Jim Jones: Disturbed Spirits Leading Home

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