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Host: Elaine Fleming

The History of Leech Lake is a 10 minute program designed to educate listeners about the History of Leech Lake Reservation. This program provides a historical prospective to American Indian life and how it relates today. This history also gives more knowledge and awareness of the way history affects people's lives. History of Leech Lake gives insight into the culture and history of a people that is not often told. This program will help listeners discover things about Leech Lake that they did not know and may discover a history not described in any textbook.


Federal Dam, Part 3 of 4

Federal Dam, Part 4 of 4

Poonty Howard: A Fisherman

Spiritual Geography and History

Shaynowishkung, Part 1 of 4: Removal Era 1830-1854

Shaynowishkung, Part 2 of 4, Sandy Lake Tragedy

Shaynowishkung, Part 3 of 4: Assimilation Era 1871-1934

Shaynowishkung, Part 4 of 4: Ojibwe Back Matters

Wrinkled Meat John Smith, Part 1 of 10

Wrinkled Meat John Smith and the Railroad, Part 2 of 10

Wrinkled Meat John Smith and James J. Hill, Part 3 of 10


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