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The Ojibwemowin: Learning The Ojibwe Language 2

Host: Darrell Kingbird

I will see you again sometime.

Where do you start work at?

Over at the school is where they hired me.

Oh, are you going to teach over there?

Yes, I am going to teach them how to speak Ojibwe.

Are they kids?

No, Just teenage boys I will be teaching.

Where do you star work at?

Do you have a boat?

No, I do not have a boat.

When do you all want to leave?

We should leave early in the morning.

Tell me how much you brought.

Yes, for sure we will meet again.

Do we have everything?

Yes, I have brought everything.

Check (or count) how many you have.

I already checked (or counted).

Do you know how to make bread?

No, I know how to make soup.

All my Relatives.

Where did you get those?

I got those from Bemidji OR I got those in Bemidji

Did you find what you were looking for?

No not yet, I'm working on these.

Did you go eat over there yesterday?

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