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The Ojibwemowin: Learning The Ojibwe Language

Host: Darrell Kingbird

Produced by: Brad Walhof

Ojibwe Sound Chart 1 - Click here to download >
Ojibwe Sound Chart 2 - Click here to download >


Asking 1 person to repeat after you.

Nakwetowshig, Nakwetowishin
Each and everyone of you, repeat after me.

Gego shaa gwenimokegon
Dont be shy [to do anything].

Niijii, widokowishin omaa
My friend, help me.

Daga mamoon i-i
Pick this up - Pick that up.

Gego baamendagen i-iwe
Don't bother it. Dont worry about it.

Gizhaagwenim ina?
Are you shy?

Gaawiin, nizhaagweni mosiin
No, I am not shy.

Daga biidawishin i-i miinawaa
Bring that to me.

Umbe onishkaan
Get up [from laying or sleeping].

Bizindaw weweni gichi anishinaabeg
Listen to your Elders.

Bizindan weweni ge gii kamig
Learn what they teach you.

Gidaa menjimendaan eshi ga kina amaagooyan
Remember what you are being taught.

Wewenibimadizig zaagi idig
Live a good life and love one another.

Ingodig giga kendaan wenji inaabandman
Someday you will know why you dream.

Aandi imaa wenji gaayan?
Where did you come from?

Mii iwide ni waaka igan
From my house.

Gakiina igo mino ayaawag iwide?
Is everybody doing well over there?

Eya mino ayaawag sago iwide
Yes, everyone is doing well over there.

Aanish igo waa ezhichigeyan noongoom
What are you going to do today?

I might go to Bemidji Later.

No, I didn't go over there.

Do you want to come along with me my friend?

No, I am going to stay home today.

What are you going to do over there?

I'm going to go and get what I'm gong to wear to work.

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