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Native American Book Review

Host: Melissa Pond, Leech Lake Tribal College Librarian

Interviews with Native American Authors.

Apprenticed to Justice

Author: Kimberly Blaeser
Publisher: Salt Publishig

In this segment we talk with Dr. Kimberly Blaeser about her new book of poetry, Apprenticed to Justice.

Assassination of Hole In The Day

Author: Anton Treuer
Publisher: MHS Press

In this segment we talk with Dr. Anton Tueuer about his book, The Assassination of Hole In The Day.

Mni Sota Makoce; The Land of the Dakota

Authors: Dr. Gwen Westerman and Bruce White

In her new book of potery, Dr. Gwen Westerman explores the connection between Dakota people, their homeland, their ongoing history and culture.

Beloved Child, A Dakota Way of Life

Author: Diane Wilson

Dr. Theresa Schneck Interview

Today we talk with Dr. Theresa Schneck about her background, history, published works and how she began to study the Ojibwe.

Mark Diedrich Interview

Writer, painter, researcher.

My Mother Is Now Earth

Author: Mark Anthony Rolo

Author Mark Anthony Rolo tells about his family experiences in his book My Mother Is Now Earth.

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